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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Welcome to the Banjo Ukulele Forum

.  This is an informal place to post information about banjo ukes. My intention is to create a forum that could ultimately be loaded with great information about these wonderful instruments and post photos from my own collection as well as anybody who would like to share their photos with the followers of this blog.  I have restored about 15 banjo ukes thus far and am interested in any tips about restoration that might be sent in or posted.   I have dedicated my own restorations to being as sensitive to the authentic finish, stain and hardware as possible.  In other words, unless an instrument has been extensively damaged, or is simply falling apart, I leave the original finish on them.  This isn't always the easiest approach but I feel that somewhere down the road a future owner just might enjoy that the finish and hardware of their instrument was as close as possible to the original.