boat paddle ukuleles

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The new picture is of a Ludwig Wendell Hall.  Jump to here for more information on this uke and other Ludwig banjo ukuleles:

Monday, February 07, 2011

P'MICO (Proggresive Musical Instrument Company) made a variety of stringed instruments including banjoleles.  This uke has features that can be found on a few other banjo ukes.  The porthole vents on the rim and back can are included on some of the Wizard and Gretsch instruments.  The difference on the P'mico is that the back is vented with a raised flat resonator instead of a sealed back like those.  This opens up the sound like any of the makes that have this gap for the resonator.
Auction:   P'MICO Banjo Ukulele.  Please see full auction listing on EBAY :

Here are more pictures than the auction lists and by Tuesday there will be a video or mp3 of this banjo.

                                       Bridge is one of my designs.  Solid Maple.