boat paddle ukuleles

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lange Banner Blue Banjo Ukulele for Sale      SOLD
Lovely, solid, heavy, big sound, ornate, tone ring, original hardware and skin (in great shape).  Nice finish.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FOR SALE:   Gretsch Clarophone Banjo Ukulele
These are punchy little 7" head banjo ukes.  Everything original but the tuners which were cracking and falling apart.  The replacements hold tuning very well and are smooth for fine tuning.  Some rust on the
hooks, all original hardware and skin, great finish solid maple, hefty neck.   I used it tuned to high F and it sounds great at C,D or higher tunings.  Minor dings or nicks, a great user.
some pics:

Monday, October 10, 2011

For Sale, I am thinning down the collection of wonderful banjo ukuleles.  This is the 8" Maybell by Slingerland that is made of solid walnut.  A very husky model with a clear tone and long sustain.  Brand new Jeff Menzies skin, no rust, all original hardware and finish.  These are quite heavy compared to many brands and the reason is that the hardware is a bit heavier duty than most banjo ukes, and the walnut is heavier than the selection of woods that various makers used.  Lovely grain throughout, Ebony fret board and peghead, real mother of pearl diamond fret markers.

Here is a short sound clip with pictures: sorry about the sound , it seems to get harsher when I compress the video through movie maker.  Blogspot won't allow a simple sound file.

the auction is listed on Ebay and will include a nylon padded gig bag for the instrument along with another new set of my own strings.  Here are the pictures: