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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ub 4/5 Resonator Thumb Screw Replicas

I am offering these as a custom replica that I machine on my small metal lathe.  They are $22 each or 2 for $40.   Solid Steel with nickel plating.   They are very time consuming to make and I make them to the exact dimensions of the original Gibson parts.   I couldn't find an exact duplicate anywhere when looking for these.
The ones pictures have not been polished or plated yet.   I can leave them unplated for UB5 owners.

I take paypal :    please add $2 for shipping

Allow one week for delivery.

Friday, November 18, 2011

John Bianchi's wonderful blog about Banjo Ukes:

John has a lot of videos playing and singing up on YouTube and his blog is very informative.  Many great photos and in depth information about makers/distributors.    Check it out!
By Request:   Formby's "Alexander's Ragtime Band"   a  video .   Chords are in the description (tuning to the video will be needed to strum along)   Once again Mr. Formby takes a lovely solo break full of shakes, splits, syncopations and the usual effortless virtuosity.
  I hope to be loading more videos of the  more obscure songs with chords.  I started with sharp photos of my Stromberg Voisinet but the windows movie maker pixelates them into a painful focus.  Sorry!

Chords:  Chords:

 G|G|A7 D7| G G7| C x 4|G x 4| A7 x 2| D| D7| G x 2| A7 D7 |G G7|C x4| G|G7|C| C# o | G|D7|A7 D7| G