boat paddle ukuleles

Monday, May 30, 2011


UB-3   fine condition, fine example.  Sounds lovely.  You can read much more about the UB-3 model on my post about the Gibson line of banjo ukes.  Here are some more pictures for the auction:

I forgot to mention, the UB-3 that is for sale is the same one pictured on this post:

I hope to be loading a video in the morning.  
Ebay Auction:   Maxitone Banjo Ukulele   SOLD

A fine example of the metal body Maxitone.  These came in Nickel, Brass and Aluminum.  This one is solid brass with a copper flange for the hooks and tension nuts.  New skin, strings and has modified tuners that are smooth and easy to fine tune.  Very rugged banjo ukes with the famous "Gumby" headstock.  Decal is new and printed with lacquer coating to protect it after applying.
Please contact me for any other questions.