boat paddle ukuleles

Friday, March 16, 2012

B.U.A.S.  Banjo Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome:  A disorder,obsession, fanaticism involving the helpless
attempt to own only one banjo ukulele.  There is no known cure, and this syndrome has been known to break up perfect relationships, marriages, cause financial collapse, eviction from rental properties and create a general chaos in the lives of those who choose to play the banjo ukulele.There is also no known prevention of this disorder as it seems to strike individuals with no prior or similar obsessions and often becomes an affliction before the very first banjo ukulele has been purchased. 
                                          I wish you all the best of luck with this.  


barefootgypsy said...

I saw the picture and had to smile - it speaks volumes! I'm fighting the condition! ....I got my first banjo-uke a couple of weeks ago, a 1920's Slingerland...:)

Steve said...

ah, yes, it starts with a humble but well made Maybell. The Slingerlands, probably 7"? Solid maple, rosewood fingerboard, nice hardware. They usually need a lowered nut, and lower bridge, try to avoid Aquila Nylgut, they are harsh on the Slingerlands. Try GHS "white nylon" which are clear and have a lovely tone. the black are harsh too.

John Bianchi's site has a lot of details about them!