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Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Gibson UB-1 for Sold.   Immaculate restoration in terms of finish, color and playability.  This, as you can see by the photos, is a gorgeous example of a fine banjo ukulele.  It has the sound that I mentioned on the very first UB-1 blog and this one is truly something to look at and hear.   I will put on a new set of Aquilla Nylgut strings before the instrument is shipped also.

This is probably a bit later in terms of production since it has the bone nut.  The dots are real mother of pearl and these happen to be very nicely colored.   I put a lower action bridge on this one and played it without changing anything else.  It could use some polishing on the hooks to brighten them up and that is just about it.  Shipping anywhere in the world but please realize that the import duty for many countries is as much as 20%.  Also please note that international shipping can take several weeks for delivery.  Instrument will be bubble wrapped and surrounded by styrofoam peanuts inside a sturdy box.  I insure to anywhere in the U.S. and to any foreign country that the u.s.p.s. offers.
Tracking number and delivery confirmation will be added on at no extra charge.
I take PayPal only and there is no charge for local pick up.

Price $645.00  

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