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Monday, February 20, 2012

Gibson UB-2 SOLD
This is the UB-2 that is featured in this blog on Jan 28th 2011.  It is an excellent banjo ukulele and has been my regular player for 2 years.  It has a lovely robust sound and excellent scale.  It has a curious finish, being a sort of two tone that is very deep walnut everywhere but the face of the peghead and resonator.  What really matters is that it sounds so good and is in excellent condition.  There is minor wear on the fret board on the first fret, but it has no buzzes all the way up the fret board.  Enough talk though, take a look at this!

I have both the Ub-3 and Ub-2 and there is no difference in tone or quality between the two.  The UB-3 is simply more ornate and often has a sunburst finish.  Both models are powerhouse banjo ukes with great projection and color.   It has the original Gibson skin, and all of the hardware is original except the hooks which were mismatched when I bought it.  I reglued the veneer on the inside of the rim 2 years ago and it is holding up perfectly.  The bridge is one of mine and designed just for this banjo uke.  It has a set of John Alvie  
Turner strings on it that are about a year old and I would leave them on because they sound rich and full to this day.  
I take PayPal as payment and ship anywhere that the USPS will deliver.  Tracking and insurance included.
Price:  $950 including padded nylon carrying bag.

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