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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Great News about the Grover People!!
They asked me to send a sample tuner of the wonderful spring loaded style tuning peg common to so many vintage Gibsons, Martins and other high end and mid range ukuleles and banjo ukuleles.  I'm hoping they reissue them and if so, to the exact specifications, colors and quality they had back in the day.  I am going to  furnish them with as much imagery, and actual tuners that I can spare to help them build a reissue.   Another Grover model, that was included on the Ludwig Wendell Halls, and some of the Stromberg Voisenet banjo ukes should also prove to be a viable reissue. (See below), larger style Grover for thicker pegheads.  These required larger holes and the barrel section had no spring.  There was a knurled "teeth" for the connection to the button that rotates the whole mechanism for tuning.  Another lovely Grover product!

  My agenda on this is not self serving, I'm hoping to help  all of the ukulele companies, custom makers, restorers and owners of these great instruments have access to the fine quality products Grover made in the 20s and 30s.  Keep your fingers crossed!!
  I want to ask those of you that have planet style tuners on your Ludwig models, can you send a picture of
a tuner?  I have had several readers inquire about these and I have no examples for discussion  in a blog post.  I'm wondering, are they smaller than a tenor banjo planet tuner?  Any information will be shared with the readers.  Thanks!

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