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Sunday, March 04, 2012

A plea to Grover!!!
Letter # 2 to the folks at Grover. (feel free to write Grover if you want to support this plea)

Hi, This is my second letter to you about this topic.   I am the writer of the blog: The Banjo Ukulele Forum and I have about 14,000 readers worldwide at the moment.  

I am writing to urge you to reissue the best tuning peg ever produced for the Ukulele and Banjo Ukulele, the Grover Spring Loaded tuning pegs.  (please see attached photos on various Gibson model banjo ukuleles)

I'm not sure you are aware of the fact that the hottest selling instrument in the world right now is none other than the Ukulele.  The need for an excellent serious tuning peg is higher now than ever on this planet.  Your tuner was famous in it's day and I have paid over $100 for a set of them several times to replace lesser quality tuning pegs on my restoration jobs.

It would seem silly to me, and my readers that you might feel there is "too" small of market for these wonderful tuners as indicated by your last response to me.  The custom ukulele market, corporate ukulele market and vintage market (ie resales) and restoration market would insure you a windfall of sales of these classic tuners.

I would urge you again to think about this and if had the capital to invest for you I would do it myself.   I would hope that you could put them out with the exact dimensions and nitrocellulose buttons in the three colors you originally offered them.  (ivory white, black and ivoroid (for the high end Gibson UB-4/5 banjo ukulele).

Martin, Gibson, Gretsch are just of few of the high profile companies that supplied their instruments with your tuning pegs and there is nothing anywhere in the world currently made that can come close to the elegance and efficiency that your spring loaded tuners had.

I hope you take this letter seriously, not only for us, the players and you the producers because we will both profit from this reissue.

very sincerely,

Steve Roberts

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